Thoughts: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Line

  Good evening everyone! Happy Saturday. Just like many of you, I have been itching to try Drew Barrymore’s Flower makeup line for Walmart. After checking two Walmarts, I finally got my hands on three items from her line. Let me tell you though, I had to really search because the display was so miniscule, I could barely tell it was the Flower line.

The three items I purchased are:


Nail Polish in Gorgeous Gerbera $4.98

This adorable pink/peach shade is very pigmented and perfect for the spring.


–        The packaging is very slick

–        Great Color Selection (16 shades)

– The cap is a little big so it makes it a little hard to control during application

– Formula itself felt a little thick causing it to take a little too long to dry

Kiss Stick Luxury Lip Color in Get to the Poinsettia ($6.98)

Me in Lipstick

Now this what the item I was most excited about. The color is absolutely incredible! It’s a redish orange with blue undertones, which makes my teeth look really white! When I first tried on the color, I was amazed, then I tried for a full day…. Reapplied it 5 times! The lipstick seriously resembles MAC with its texture but lacks in the longevity department. Now, I’m not saying I hate it but I definitely wish it lasted longer. However, I love the color so much that I’d reapply it as many times as needed. I will probably try a few more colors from this line.


–        Packaging (Love the rose and white combo)

–        Shades

–        Pigmentation


–        Staying power

 Lipstick and Eyeliner

On your Mark Liquid Eyeliner in Brown ($6.98)
This is probably the most disappointing product. The liner just isn’t very pigmented. However, the packaging and felt tip applicator is actually really nice! Maybe I got a bad one or should try the black shade.

All in all, I really like the sleek packaging but I definitely think the formula of the specific items I tried need a little tweaking. Now, I haven’t tried other products from the line but I’m definitely looking forward to picking up the mascara and BB cream.

Hope this was helpful! Have you guys tried this line or plan on it? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂


Spring 2012 Trends! My thoughts!

New trends are always happening each year and we now it’s almost nothing new when you see a style from another period coming back. I was browsing through and found an article about new spring 2012 trends from the runway. Here’s what I think about the trends! Enjoy 🙂

First one is Ab Fab as pictured below. I’m not a huge fan of showing my belly so this will probably not be my top choice of trends to add-on to my wardrobe but I know that it can be very flattering on other people as long as it’s paired with the correct bottom!

Next is the Cristobal Method which is a 50s inspired look! Pictured below are two looks from Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten. I’m not a big fan of the Balenciaga but it does match the Cristobal theme. The Dries Van Noten really puts a spin on a maxi skirt that looks like a trumpet style. The biker jacket also gives an edge to the look that can be perfect for many different events.

Echo Dechoes is a Great Gatsby inspired trend that includes flowy and sleek dresses. This has got to be my favorite look from Dior and it is absolutely gorgeous! I know what you’re thinking, it’s see through but everything is just perfect about it! The color, the belt, the detail around the abdomen is just amazing! I also really like the lip color and hair style they paired with the dress.

This next trend is inspired by water and it’s called Ocean’s ’12. The best part about this trend is all the amazing detail and texture that resembles the beautiful aspects of water. Using glitter, pearls and many other embellishments have been in style for a bit but this form is extremely intricate and it looks stunning. Pictured below is an Alexander McQueen masterpiece. The colors and detail of this dress are insane! The headpiece is not my favorite but it wouldn’t be McQueen without an elaborate presentation.

Lastly is Pale Fire where pale colors are all the rage! Now color blocking is a big trend right now so it only makes sense that pale colors become the color that get a lot of color blocking love in the spring. It makes sense though because there are so many beautiful colors that accentuate each other! Below is a 3.1 Phillip Lim look that puts together three amazing colors!

These are my thoughts on the 2012 Spring Fashion Trends! If you have time, check out the article, it has a lot more beautiful looks! All pictures are courtesy of

What do you all think of these styles? Are any of them your favorites?