Review: Hawaiian Tropic Self Tanner Creme

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂

As many women out there, I am a big fan of having a nice golden tan without having to roast under the sun. I have tried numerous lotions, sprays and even a spray tan. Not going to lie, spray tans look great but the price tag and the smell keep me far away! Luckily, I found my match! It’s the Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner Creme.


This creme claims:

Flawless Tan

Luxurious 12 Hour Moisturization

Light, Fresh Fragrance

Retails anywhere from $6 (Walmart) to $11 (Ulta).


Why I like it:

– Just like it claims, the creme leaves a flawless tan.

– Great color. Not too orange or fake looking.

– Price! Sometimes they will be Buy one Get one 50% off at Ulta.

– Amount of product. Compared to a $30 spray tan that lasts 3 days.

What I don’t like:

– Not finding it at local drugstores (I’ve only found it at Ulta)

– The smell. It’s not as bad as a spray tan but it definitely has a strong smell.

1. Exfoliate your skin before using
2. Let the product dry before putting in clothes or going to sleep
3. What I like to do is wear shorts and a tank top to apply and let dry right before going to sleep
4. If you want to apply for extra color before going out, use a VERY thin layer on the desired area. The thinner the layer the faster it will dry.
5. In order to maintain the color, use it every other day.
6. When the color starts to fade just make sure to exfoliate really good to avoid blotchiness.

All in all, I love this product and really wished they sold it in more stores. The color, price and size of products is great!

Hope you all enjoyed this! Please let me know if there is a another self tanner you suggest I use!

Have a wonderful day 🙂