Small Haul!

Hey everyone! Today I went to Walgreens and found a couple of things that I wanted to try at a good deal so I’m really excited and wanted to share it with you all!

I know that I’m once again late but I finally picked up two Baby Lip balms! I couldn’t help myself they are currently buy one get one 50% off at Walgreens.

The two colors I got are Cherry Me &

Peach Kiss

I’m really excited to try these two items! Actually, I just put on Peach Kiss and it feels amazing!

The other two items I purchased are nailpolishes.

Sinful Colors are currently on sale for $.99!

The color I got is called Rain Storm and it’s a beautiful shade of blue.

Picture is courtesy of Google Images!

Last nailpolish I got is from the new Fergie Collection for Wet and Wild. Since I’m a fan of W&W nailpolishes, I decided to pick up this shade of pink. It cost $3.49 at Walgreens but it’s not showing up on their website.

Quick tip: Check for displays to find these polishes because they were not in the W&W display.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know if you would like to see more hauls!


Nail of the Week

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

Yesterday I got a well deserved manicure and pedicure in Florida and decided to get a nice bright color in celebration of the summer months!

I picked out Orange Knockout Neon and love it! However, the picture above does not give it justice because it is definitely a lot more neon!

As you can tell from the picture above, it is VERY neon but it looks great on my toes and hands!

Hope you are all doing great πŸ™‚

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Nail of the Week!

Happy Saturday everyone!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a some Sephora Goodies that I received as a gift from Lia and Cindy. With the gift, I received the Sephora for OPI Perfect Pair in the color Duo You Wanna Have Fun?Β It’s a beautiful coral color and a gold fine glitter polish.

This week I used both of the polishes to create a cool look with the glitter.

I applied a base coat, two coats of the coral color and then alternated with a half of each nail with the glitter color. It came out pretty cool so I’m pretty happy with it! As you can tell from the pictures, the glitter has an amazing sheen that looks great in the sun! I’d also say that the color with no flash is more of the true color because the flash on the bottom picture makes it look a lot more on the pink side.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Have a fabulous weekend!


Don’t forget to comment with any feedback about anything you’d like to see on my page! I’d really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

New Goodies from Sephora!

Good afternoon everyone! Today I was lucky enough to receive some new goodies as a gift from Lia & Cindy! I have never tried any of these items so I’m extremely excited to try them out!

First is the Sephora by OPI Perfect Pair in I’m Wired and Wild about Shimmer

Also got this Buxom Lips and Lashes set!

As mentioned, I am super excited about trying out these products! Again, thank you to Lia & Cindy for this amazing gift!

Have any of you tried these before?

Nail of the Week!

As I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago, I got a new shade of Wet & Wild Mega Last nailpolishes in I need a refresh-mint.

I was really excited to try it since I love mint shades!

This week I decided to try it and was a little bit disappointment because it is more of a blue shade instead of mint.

Here is the bottle. As you can tell the shade is more bluish.

Here I am wearing the color! Even though it is not the mintiest shade, I still really like it! It’s a great color.

It’s still on sale at Walgreens for $.99 so it’s definitely worth a try!

Have you guys tried this color yet? Any thoughts?

Have a fabulous Saturday! ❀

Wet & Wild Mega Last Nailpolish

I’m a big fan of finding a good nail polish at a good price and I think I have finally found the perfect nail polish at only $2! As I mentioned in my first blog about recent bought items I got a new shade of the Wet & Wild Mega Last nail polishes in Through the Grapevine! Today I applied the color and absolutely LOVE it! It’s a perfect plum color for spring!

My favorite part of this nail polish is the brush! It’s curved at the sides so it makes the application extremely easy. I’m also extremely impressed with the quality, color and staying power. This is the second shade I own from this line, first one I got was Tropicalia and it lasted almost two weeks! For this plum shade I applied 2 coats which by the way I could’ve gone with just one because the color is amazing!

This is the shade with flash!

And without! This is the more accurate color, the flash definitely gives it a more purple tone!

I hope you guys enjoy reading about this nail polish! It’s definitely worth a try at only $2! There are a lot of other colors available in the line so if you go try any of them please let me know how you like them!