False Lash Application and Tips

This is a special post requested by my best friend, Anaili! She loves the way false lashes look on her so I decided to create a post explaining as best as possible how to apply and what I use.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

Elite Lashes $2.69

Love & Beauty False Lashes $1.00

Love & Beauty Fashion Lashes $2.80

Duo Lash Glue $6.49

For some reason, I could not find the Elite Lashes anywhere online but I usually get them at my local Duane Reade! Not even on Ebay which is strange but if you know where to find them, please let me know!

Another great and unusual favorites are from forever 21, you can usually find them for a dollar which a great deal and they really do the trick!

When it comes to applying lashes, I think the big secret is having a great lash glue.

My personal favorite is the Duo Dark Tone lash glue. It’s not white, instead it’s a grey color that dries in a deep shade of black so there is never that awkward white color that you need to cover with extra eye liner.


  • Always measure the false lashes to your eyes! Sometimes they may be longer than your eye so you may need to trim them.
  • Play with the lashes and get used to placing them on your eye. Practice makes perfect!
  • When you are ready to apply the lashes, make sure you line them up with the middle of your eye.
  • Once you have placed them, hold down the sides! That’s usually the part that come off most often!
  • If you don’t get it right the first time, try again! You will become a pro in no time!
  • Take care of your lashes!
  • Keep those little cases they come in!

I tried taking pictures of myself applying lashes but that was not working so I decided to share this video of Dulce Candy doing the same thing I would do. Skip to 6:23 for the actual application. I love her videos and I know this one is old but she does a great job at explaining it!

Do you all have any other tips or favorite lashes? Let me know 🙂