Halloween Costume

By this time of the month everyone is probably scrambling through their closet trying to figure out who they will be this Halloween. On this post I will show you how I will be dressing up and how to get the look.

You may recognize the outfit by the polka dots or maybe the ears!

She goes by the name of Minnie Mouse!

This look came to mind after wearing the blouse a few times to work and being referred to as Minnie Mouse. Come to realize that I actually own the ears from a trip to Disney!

Great part about my costume is the versatility of it. You can wear this to a work event or a spooky night out with your friends.

Blouse: H&M $14.95 (Similar Style)

Skirt: H&M $5.95 (Similar Style)

Shoes: H&M $12.95 – High Heel Version

Ears: Disney! (Similar Style)

Makeup: Still not sure but here’s one idea thanks to Emma’s Rectangle!

Overall, I’m really excited to wear this cute outfit on Halloween! Especially since I found all of these items in my closet so it makes the process much easier. Therefore, I encourage you all to dig through your closet and see what you find. You never know if you next costume is hiding beneath everything!

Let me know in the comments below what you plan to be this Halloween!

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Miu Miu peplum shirt
$720 – flannelsfashion.com

H m blazer
$48 – hm.com

Red skirt

Suede shoes
$200 – whistles.co.uk

Prada zippered tote bag
$2,070 – flannelsfashion.com


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I have a special guest in town for the weekend and decided to share our outfits for a day out in the city. My best friend Anaili is here to see the One Direction concert today so spent all of yesterday basking in the beauty that is New York City!

We both decided to wear something with pastel colors since the day was absolutely beautiful!

This is us outside of the New York Public Library!

I am wearing:

Anaili is wearing:

  • Mint pants from Forever 21 $14.50
  • Top from Nordstrom Rack
  • Cross body Bag from Target $24.99
  • Sandals in Cognac from Target $15.99
  • Sunglasses from Rayban

As far as makeup, we kept it pretty light since we were in a rush to start our excursion through the city!

One last picture at a French Bakery that is delicious! It’s called Laduree and it has the most amazing Macarons ever! If you’re ever in the city, check them out!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! 🙂

Love this Outfit!

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE POLYVORE! I’m able to create really nice outfits, it’s almost as if this was my closet, and I’m just putting together pieces! This time I found this beautiful dress and matched it with all H&M pieces! Hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

Spring event outfit!


H M short jacket
£25 – hm.com

H M glitter ballerina flat
£15 – hm.com

H M straw clutch
£7.99 – hm.com

H M metal jewelry
£6.99 – hm.com

H M metal jewelry
£3.99 – hm.com

Comment or like this post if you have tried Polyvore and love it!

Orlando Haul

This weekend I had the chance to go to Orlando to visit my boyfriend. Of course I did some shopping! If you follow me on twitter, you saw some of the stuff I got. I will go into more detail and show you all the other items I purchased 🙂

Light Pink Belted Boyfriend Pants


Essential White Vneck


Charlotte Russe Accessories

All their accessories are on sale for $5 so I took advantage and got this amazing bracelet and cute pair of hear earrings.

Victoria’s Secret Bikini Bottom

Got these bikini bottoms for $2.99 at the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in a Peach color! What a steal!

Forever 21 Maxi Dress

Got this maxi dress for $14.50 and it’s very comfortable!

Forever 21 Chain Link Necklace

I’ve been wanting a necklace like this for a while but they are always so pricey! Found this one at Forever 21 for $10.80 and was so excited!

MAC Mocha

I got this lipstick from the CCO at the outlet and loved the color! It was also a good deal, $11! It was hard being in a CCO because I wanted to buy anything!


I finally went to Ross after a few months! I’m always upset because there is no Ross in NYC and I love that store so much! I got this really cute purse for $9.99 and TWO false lashes for $1.99! I love that store!


Ulta happened to be right next to Ross so I made a little visit! NYX items were buy one, get one 50% off so I picked up these two lip colors! NYX Color in Tack and NYX Round lipstick in Eucalyptus. Lastly I got an EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet.


Last stop of my shopping extravaganza was H&M where I found this beautiful bag ($17.95) and this phone cover ($5)!

The bag has a thin gold chain so it also becomes a cross body!

This picture doesn’t give the color justice because it’s a beautiful neon color!

That’s all for my haul! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Comment below if you liked any of these items!

Two new pieces from H&M

As I mentioned in another blog post, the NY post had an H&M coupon on it and I took advantage of that!

I was able to go last weekend and score two really cute items!

First item is this mint dress that comes with a pastel pink belt for only $23 with the coupon! I really like the shape of the dress and the away it accentuates my body. This will come in handy this year since I have a few events that this dress will be great for! I’m really looking forward to wearing this cute dress. Look out for a future OOTN!

The second item comes from the Conscious collection and it’s this cute sleeveless sheer top that has a collar with amazing detailing on it. I plan on pairing this with many different bottoms this summer! Only $8 with the coupon!

Did anyone else take advantage of the coupons?

Found this on the H&M website!

Hey everyone! I found this on the H&M website and think it’s a great little way to get that 20% off 1 item coupon! It also puts you into a sweepstake to win $1000 shopping spree!

Check it out!

Here’s the link!


If you are not in the US find your region on the main H&M page and click on newsletter on the top right hand corner!

Hope you’re all having a great Friday! I’m feeling a little sick but I’m hoping to get better soon!

Crop Pants from H&M

Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday! Wanted to share with you all a pair of pants I found this weekend! Enjoy!

Love these cropped pants from H&M! I think they will be a great piece in my wardrobe for the summer. It’s a nice taupe color and very light weight. They have a high waist and very true to size. They are $14.95 and they have 2 more colors I believe, black and khaki. I though they were a steal so I had to purchase them! I’m sure they will come up in a future OOTD!

If you have an H&M close to you, check them out!

Here is a picture of me wearing the pants. They may not look very cropped on me but that’s because I’m kinda short, around 5’3.  They are also not very tight and really comfortable so they would be great for work.

Let me know if you already own these or buy them! I’d love to hear if you liked them as much as I did! 🙂

Please check out two friends of mine!

If you need a photographer in Miami, check out Christina on Facebook & Flickr!

Also, Check out Beautiful Faces by Rachel, great makeup artist in NYC!

Fashion Finds!

I’m a sucker for a good bargain so you can always find me at the sale section digging through the mess for that hidden gem that needs to come home with me. Now I know that you may not be able to find the things that I have purchased but I just want you all to see the stuff that I’ve found to maybe inspire you to go out hunting at your favorite store!

My personal favorite places to check out the sale section:


Old Navy

Forever 21




Here are the items I’ve scored!

Glittery Pumps from Target $8.98

I got these pretty recent, about 2-3 weeks ago from my local target. I know I’m pretty late on this trend but I hadn’t found a pair that I’d be willing to spend my money on until I spotted these at the sale section at target staring at me. They so happened to be my size and at an EXTREMELY reasonable price, so I snatched them. I haven’t worn them yet but I anticipate them being extremely painful but at least I will look really cute. Wouldn’t this look cute with my last Weekend OOTN?

Large Bag from H&M $15

I found this at H&M while shopping for my friend Denise and I got it because I realized that I don’t have a good shoulder bag. Especially for when I travel, it has become very handy! So many things fit in it! This past weekend I fit a pair of wedges, a blazer, a book, my makeup bag, wallet and a few other things! It also has a zipper so I feel like I can stuff as many things in it without anyone looking at what I have.

Black Skirt with Pink trimming $7

This is another unworn item that my roommate and I both snagged at the sale section of H&M. We both liked the pink trimming and the flattering length, it’s not too short and it’s not too long.

Beautiful Classic Handbag from Ross $18.99

You know that moment when you see something that just catches your eye and just jumps at you? Well that’s what happened with this beautiful bag. I knew I had to grab it and run (not literally) because at Ross things don’t last too long!

Small Messenger Bag from Marshalls $6.99

I found this cute small bag with amazing colors for under $7 at my local Marshalls. I was really excited about it, and bought it on the spot. I don’t always buy bags from Marshalls because they are more on the pricey side so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my favorite bargain finds!

As I mentioned before, I hope this post inspire you to dig through those sale racks to find that hidden gem!

Let me know what are some of your favorite bargain finds or places to find great deals!

P.S. I’m still trying out the BB cream and it’s going pretty well but still setting it with a powder. Also, used the curl calm down cream and no taming. I’m kinda sad about it but I’m going to give it another try!