Traveling Fashionista Tip

Happy Labor Day weekend! This weekend I am out-of-town and I wanted to share with you all a little trick about packing specific outfits.

Photo courtesy of @DulceCandy’s Instagram

While packing, I was inspired by the picture above! This is how Dulce Candy packs when she travels and I thought it would be great if I tried this!

As I was putting my outfits together I started to realize how useful this process is!

  • I can use items that I would otherwise forget I have
  • Ability to see the entire look without running the risk of forgetting a specific item
  • Allows you to plan in advance

Here’s my version!

I really enjoyed putting all of the outfits together! Now I don’t have to worry about remembering a really cute top that I should have brought!

Quick tip:

Sometimes I know that I may not like the way an outfit looks or I may be uncomfortable but seeing all my outfits laid out allows me to make sure that different pieces can go together!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any other traveling tips for fashionistas!

Favorite YouTube Gurus

I’m a big Youtube fan and love watching some great gurus! I have some favorites that I watch pretty often so I thought I’d share it with you all 🙂

I have quite a few favorites but I will share why so that you can pick which ones you want to become a fan of! Maybe some of these will become your own favorites!

Dulce Candy

Dulce has amazing style first of all, she used to be in the Army and now has a beautiful baby while maintaining a wonderful youtube and blogging life. I personally love seeing all her hauls! She has this insane closet that is surely any woman’s dream!

Emily Noel (Beauty Broadcast)

Emily Noel is wonderful to see! She has great bargains with her makeup collection and always has great and simple makeup tutorials. She truly caters to the beauty lover on a budget! She also has the cutest cat named Cupcake!

It’s Judy Time

Judy is so hilarious! Especially when her husband Benji is featured. She has great makeup tutorials with a good range between drugstore and high end. She also has great hair tutorials and I love her First Impressions videos on things she purchases. Another favorite is her Vlog channel called It’s Judy’s Life where she puts daily videos! They are hilarious! Tip: Check out her wedding series!


Michele has a great fashion sense and great hauls. I love the way she is so honest about everything she says. You can tell that she works hard on making sure her viewers receive the best advice possible. She also has a cute dog which makes the cutest appearances.


She has great budget friendly tips and hauls! Also has great tutorials for ladies that wear glasses regularly!


Love her channel! She has beautiful makeup looks inspired by different celebrities and great Halloween looks! Really enjoy seeing her channel since she has more unusual makeup looks that are more dramatic.


Ana is a high school friend with a wonderful beauty channel! She has beautiful makeup tutorials with great Outfit Of the Days! If you live in a hotter state, then you’ll definitely want to check her out since she’s from Miami just like me and it’s always hot there!


Last channel is mostly for hair tutorials. This channel features two sisters who do beautiful hair tutorials. They also have their own hair extension line for sale if you’re interested!

Hope you all enjoyed this and please let me now if you have some favorites that I should watch! 🙂

False Lash Application and Tips

This is a special post requested by my best friend, Anaili! She loves the way false lashes look on her so I decided to create a post explaining as best as possible how to apply and what I use.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

Elite Lashes $2.69

Love & Beauty False Lashes $1.00

Love & Beauty Fashion Lashes $2.80

Duo Lash Glue $6.49

For some reason, I could not find the Elite Lashes anywhere online but I usually get them at my local Duane Reade! Not even on Ebay which is strange but if you know where to find them, please let me know!

Another great and unusual favorites are from forever 21, you can usually find them for a dollar which a great deal and they really do the trick!

When it comes to applying lashes, I think the big secret is having a great lash glue.

My personal favorite is the Duo Dark Tone lash glue. It’s not white, instead it’s a grey color that dries in a deep shade of black so there is never that awkward white color that you need to cover with extra eye liner.


  • Always measure the false lashes to your eyes! Sometimes they may be longer than your eye so you may need to trim them.
  • Play with the lashes and get used to placing them on your eye. Practice makes perfect!
  • When you are ready to apply the lashes, make sure you line them up with the middle of your eye.
  • Once you have placed them, hold down the sides! That’s usually the part that come off most often!
  • If you don’t get it right the first time, try again! You will become a pro in no time!
  • Take care of your lashes!
  • Keep those little cases they come in!

I tried taking pictures of myself applying lashes but that was not working so I decided to share this video of Dulce Candy doing the same thing I would do. Skip to 6:23 for the actual application. I love her videos and I know this one is old but she does a great job at explaining it!

Do you all have any other tips or favorite lashes? Let me know 🙂