New BB Creams!

Just like every makeup love out there, I too was extremely excited to hear that Maybelline and L’oreal developed their own versions of BB creams. As you all know, I am a big fan of It’s Judy Time and she happened to have a very useful and informational review of BOTH products. Therefore, I wanted to share it with you all to get a better look at what they both have to offer.

I hope this helps you make your choice when choosing which BB cream will work for you! The graph below will give you an easy overview of what I thought were the biggest differences according to Judy’s review.

Maybelline BB Cream L’oreal BB Cream
Retail Price: $8.99 Retail Price: $10.95
Has SPF of 30 No SPF
Minimal Coverage Minimal Coverage
More shiny (According to Judy) Minimal Shininess
Both even out skintone Both even out skintone

Check out her First Impressions Video Here:

I have yet to try out any of these BB creams since I didn’t have such a great experience with the Garnier version, therefore I wanted to do some intense research before I made the leap a purchase a new one. I hope this helps you all out too.

Below are some more reviews that I have found helpful throughout my research. Hopefully I will have a review soon of my experience with one of these products!

Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to see some comments below with your thoughts.

My First BirchBox!

I know I’m late with the monthly subscriptions but I’m so excited to say that today, I received my first BirchBox! To my surprise, I got the Gossip Girl one for May and so far I have a great first impression!

I know a lot of you know what BirchBox is but just in case, I’ll mention that it’s a monthly subscription that sends you sample sized beauty products for $10. You can cancel the subscription any time.

This is my first Box and I received it relatively quickly! Not to mention the packaging is so adorable!

The only think I will say about it, is that you sign up for it with you email and you get contacted when you are able to order a box. So please keep that in mind because when I decided that I wanted to try, I got super excited and then had to wait! It’s totally worth it though!

Above is a picture of how everything came packaged! Absolutely adorable!

And here are all the items I received! The only two things now shown are the card with all the product information and a sweepstakes opportunity that can win you a $500 BirchBox store shopping spree.

Item Description:

Color Club Nail Polish in Disco Nap

Dr. Jart + , Waterfuse BB Cream (If you all remember my Garnier BB Cream Review, then you know I’m excited to try this BB Cream!)

Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide (Hair Serum)

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Curacao (Swatch Below)

Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal (Shampoo)

Kerastase Cristalliste Lait Cristal (Conditioner)


Although I just got my first box, I’m already in love. This is a great way for me to try out new products!

Comment below if you are a Birchbox lover or have similar company that I should try!

Review: Garnier BB Cream

Very excited to share with you all my very first review!

A little bit ago I mentioned that I was looking forward to trying the new Garnier BB Cream. I have been able to try for a few weeks now and sadly I’m not too happy with it! I had a lot of high hopes for this product since it promised so much like correcting, smoothing, and even skin tone!

Let me first mention that my skin is combination. I have some dry areas but for the most part I do tend to have a really oily T zone. At first, I was very impressed by the way it felt on my skin. On my first try, I set it with my studio fix since I was scared that it wouldn’t hold up. Well, that never changed! Every time I tried to wear it without setting it, it made my face very oily. That was my first disappointment just because I was looking for something that I was able to throw on and not have to worry about.

Secondly, the consistency was very thick and it felt like a foundation, which isn’t a bad thing if you think about it, but I personally didn’t like it. It also just came off the skin! It started off great but didn’t last long.

Lastly, the product broke me out in the forehead are with small little zits that I don’t typically get. The cream was the only new item in my regular routine so I knew it had to be that. I have not used the cream in about 2 weeks and the zits have cleared out.

All in all, the product seems very promising but it need a little tweaking with the formula. I have also never tried any other BB creams so I have hopes that is one out there that really holds up to it’s name.

Hope you all enjoyed this review of the Garnier BB Cream.

Please comment below if you have tried this and what your thoughts are! If you have any other BB creams that you think I should try, please let me know!

Have a fabulous day!

This review is my true and honest opinion about this product.

Welcome & Recently Bought Items!

Welcome to my blog dedicated to makeup and fashion! I hope you all enjoy reading about what I love! Please visit the About tab to learn more about what you can find on this blog.

This weekend I got a few things that I am extremely excited about! I was in Jersey and got to visit one of my favorite drugstores: Harmon Face Value! It always has everything at great prices and some extra coupons available most of the time. My family and I also stopped by a cute boutique name Dor L Dor that was recommended by a friend.

List of what I purchased:

Garnier BB Cream (Harmon)

Garnier Fructis Curl Calm Down Cream (Harmon)

Wet & Wild Megalast Nailpolish (Harmon)

Revlon Photoready concealer (Harmon)

Black belt with bow detail (Dor L Dor)

Pink scarf (Dor L Dor)

1st and most exciting product is the Garnier BB Cream! I know that the reviews have been a little up and down but I wanted to give it a try especially since some of the spring heat is coming through. First impression after I took the product out was that the packaging lied! It clearly stated that the picture on the outside is the “actual size” but if you see the product, it’s not true! I’m going to just ignore that and focus on the product itself!

I will update you all once I try it for a few weeks 🙂

Price: $11.99 (Harmon Face Value)

Color: Light/Medium

I have been dying to try this product for a WHILE, but seeing it’s ~13 or more price tag always made me a little uneasy. Until I found it for $7.99 plus a $1 coupon off today at Harmon! I had to purchase it and I’m so excited to try it!

Price: $6.99 (Harmon Face Value) *price after coupon*

Color: Light/Medium

I’m adding this Curl Calm Down cream to my hair products for the summer since I plan to let my natural curls be in full swing! I already use the Smoothing Milk from Garnier, so I’m hoping this will be good to tame my mane!

Price: $3.29 (Harmon Face Value)

This will be the second bottle (other one I own is Tropicalia) of this nail polish that I buy and I absolutely love it! The different brush shape really makes a difference and the staying power is better than the Orly polish I have on now!

Price: $1.79 (Harmon Face Value)

Color: Through the Grapevine

When I saw this belt, I had to get it! I’ll post pictures when I incorporate this into an outfit.

Price: $8.99 (Dor L Dor)

Last item was this beautiful pink scarf! My friend had this on today at her Deli and the color was just beautiful! My aunt was nice enough to purchase this for me as a gift! Can’t wait to wear it!

Price: $9.99 (Dor L Dor)

Like I mentioned before, I’m really excited about all of these items!

Thank you to anyone that has taken the time to look at my blog, I really appreciate it and I hope you find something that you can relate to 🙂

If anyone has tried any of the products mentioned, please let me know how they worked out for you!

*All items mentioned were purchased by me with the exception of the scarf which was a gift from my aunt.*