About Tania

As I venture in this new chapter of my life, I finally realized that it’s time for me to follow my passion, makeupmakeup and fashion!

I’m a 25-year-old Latina that loves makeup and fashion in this sea of amazing colors and possibilities. For years I have been my friends’ stylist, shopper and makeup “artist” so I finally decided to share my opinions. I’m no professional but I can honestly say that it’s a passion of mine! In this blog you will see what I love, buy and where I find it. I also plan on sharing outfits of the day, different reviews on makeup and fashion items I purchase. Everything mentioned in this blog is my own opinion! πŸ™‚

New posts will be up every Tuesdays and Thursdays with specials posts in between!

I hope you all enjoy reading about my love for makeup and fashion!

7 thoughts on “About Tania

  1. Congrats Tania! I think this is a wonderful thing that your doing. I love how you apply make-up! You are a natural in this subject! I am your #1 fan!!! Best of luck with your new blog!!! I love you!! ❀

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