Traveling Fashionista Tip

Happy Labor Day weekend! This weekend I am out-of-town and I wanted to share with you all a little trick about packing specific outfits.

Photo courtesy of @DulceCandy’s Instagram

While packing, I was inspired by the picture above! This is how Dulce Candy packs when she travels and I thought it would be great if I tried this!

As I was putting my outfits together I started to realize how useful this process is!

  • I can use items that I would otherwise forget I have
  • Ability to see the entire look without running the risk of forgetting a specific item
  • Allows you to plan in advance

Here’s my version!

I really enjoyed putting all of the outfits together! Now I don’t have to worry about remembering a really cute top that I should have brought!

Quick tip:

Sometimes I know that I may not like the way an outfit looks or I may be uncomfortable but seeing all my outfits laid out allows me to make sure that different pieces can go together!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any other traveling tips for fashionistas!


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