How I wash my brushes!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Last night I was washing my brushes and realized that I LOVE what I use and it’s so inexpensive. So I wanted to share with you all! I have used the MAC brush cleanser before and liked it but this is wayyyy better!

This Target Up & Up Baby Shampoo is a HUGE bottle and it only costs $1.52 (price depends on different stores but it does not go above $2).

I usually wash my brushes once a week just to keep the bacteria out. When I wash them, I apply a dime size of product and swirl the brush in my hand to get all of the makeup out.

It does require over night drying but the end result is amazing! Did I mention that it also smells really nice!

I hope you guys enjoy this little tip! Let me know if you try this! 🙂



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