Good evening! Today I had one of those moments that all bargain shoppers love! I went into Old Navy just to look around at the sale section of course and stumbled across some really cute shorts.

Originally priced at $24.99 but on sale for $10.99 and thought they were a steal! I tried them on and loved them. I proceeded to the register to purchase them. Walking with that “justgotanawesomedeal” walk, I thought to take a look at my receipt and BAM! The shorts ended up costing $7.69!!

All clearance is currently an additional 30% and I love it!

Here are the shorts!

They are called the Chambray shorts and they currently show up on sale on their website but for $20! The 30% off clearance items is going on until June 14! Please take a quick look at your local Old Navy if you are on the hunt for a really cute and comfortable pair of shorts!

You never know what good news awaits you as you look at your receipt! πŸ™‚

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