Exciting News!

I wanted to share with you guys some news about my newest venture that I’m so excited about!

I have collaborated with Melissa Osendi, owner of the online store MeOs Fash, to be the Fashion Consultant of her website. MeOs Fash features trendy pieces at affordable prices. As the fashion consultant., I will be writing a blog that will contain most of the pieces on sale on the site with styling tips. As of now, the website features a few pieces but will continue to grow along with the blog.

Please join me and welcoming MeOs Fash by following us on:


Twitter: @MeOsFash

Instagram: MeosFash

In addition, Melissa has offered a special coupon to use on the website! Before checking out please put the code WELCOME and enjoy 10% off your purchase. Again, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to helping YOU style some amazing fashion through MeOs Fash!

Ulta Wishlist!

Ulta Wish List

Hey everyone! I have been currently lusting on quite a few products from Ulta so I wanted to share them with you all.

1. Revlon Whipped Color Stay Foundation

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this product and would love to try it. I don’t have many foundations but the Color Stay line is always known for being so great that I want to see what all the hype is about! For a in depth review, check out It’s Judy Time. She has an awesome review!

2. Urban Decay De Slick

It’s summer time and I get really oily sometimes in my T-Zone and would love to see if this spray is the magic everyone talks about. I know that Urban Decay also has a oil blotting powder. Which one do you all recommend? Also heard about the Skindinavia line of finishing sprays, is that one better?

3. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain

Another recommendation from It’s Judy Time! Check out her review! She explains how nice it feels on your lips and during this time of year, I want to stay clear of any matte finish. I was able to try it on when my cousin purchased her first shade this past week! I’ll admit that I regretted not getting myself a few of the colors!

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know I’m late on this and know that I have a nice neutral palette that I love but can you blame me for wanting to try it?

5. Benefit Erase Paste

Another one that a lot of people recommend that I really want to try! I’m just always on the fence about it when I test it out at Ulta. It never looks like it’s covering anything. I’m also in love with my Photo Ready concealer so I don’t know if I’m comparing it too much!

 Thank you guys for reading! Let me know if there are any other products you think I should try!


If I shopped at…

Kate Spade!

This past weekend I visited Woodbury Commons in Upstate New York for the second time since I’ve lived here. For those of you who have visited the outlets, you know that it’s huge and with an endless list of stores! Not to mention all the great deals that each store has!

This time around I visited a few stores for the first time and fell in love with almost everything! Usual case of a woman who loves fashion! So I decided to share with you guys some of the items I would purchase at Kate Spade!

Grand Street Quinn On Sale for $178

Mikas Pond Lacey On Sale for $93

Kissing Crocodile Belt On Sale for $66

Solarium Bib Necklace On Sale for $156

New Bond Street Hadley $478

Double Bow Hinged Bangle $78

Orchidia Necklace $298

Desert Stone Necklace $248

Broomed Street Jean $198

Nico Dress $468

Ok so I know that I love a lot of things from this store, but what isn’t there to love when they have such beautiful pieces! I really love the bright colors yet classiness of their handbags! They have some really cute stuff and I can definitely see myself shopping here!

They currently have a sale 25% off certain items! Check it out!

Upcoming Blogs:

* Ulta Wishlist

* Favorite H&M Dress and way to style it

* If I shopped at… TORY BURCH


Nail of the Week!

Happy Saturday everyone!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a some Sephora Goodies that I received as a gift from Lia and Cindy. With the gift, I received the Sephora for OPI Perfect Pair in the color Duo You Wanna Have Fun? It’s a beautiful coral color and a gold fine glitter polish.

This week I used both of the polishes to create a cool look with the glitter.

I applied a base coat, two coats of the coral color and then alternated with a half of each nail with the glitter color. It came out pretty cool so I’m pretty happy with it! As you can tell from the pictures, the glitter has an amazing sheen that looks great in the sun! I’d also say that the color with no flash is more of the true color because the flash on the bottom picture makes it look a lot more on the pink side.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Have a fabulous weekend!


Don’t forget to comment with any feedback about anything you’d like to see on my page! I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

Para mi gente latina!

Buenos días y bienvenidos a mi pagina de maquillaje y estilo!

Yo soy una Cubana muy orgullosa que comparte con ustedes todo lo que encuentro en venta o productos que me encantan a mi.

Este mensaje es para mis latinos! 🙂 Quisiera saber si ustedes quisieran ver algo traducido en español or si quieren ver algo nuevo en mi pagina!

Gracias por visitar a mi pagina y por favor déjeme un comentario!

Que tengan un dia maravilloso!

*This message is for my Spanish speakers since I am a proud Latina from Cuba. It is my hope to be able to reach out to the Hispanic audience as well on this blog. I am asking if there is anything they would like to see anything that has already been featured in blog to be in Spanish.*

Summer Look Inspired by Fedoras!

Day 2 of Summer is here and it is so HOT in NYC!

Great thing about this weather is all the cute outfits and bright colors that are being sported! Yesterday I went to Coney Island for the first time and if you follow me on twitter you saw that I wore a fedora! I love wearing fedoras because they add such a nice finishing touch to any summer look.

Which leads me to my latest Polyvore creation! I was inspired by my fedora and created this fun summer look than can work for the beach or a nice brunch with friends.

Hope you all enjoyed this look! 🙂

Summer Look Inspired by Fedora!


Blonde Blonde chiffon blouse
£20 – bankfashion.co.uk

Paige Denim short shorts
£94 – farfetch.com


Madewell vintage handbag
$168 – shopbop.com

$48 – nordstrom.com

Straw fedora hat

How I wash my brushes!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Last night I was washing my brushes and realized that I LOVE what I use and it’s so inexpensive. So I wanted to share with you all! I have used the MAC brush cleanser before and liked it but this is wayyyy better!

This Target Up & Up Baby Shampoo is a HUGE bottle and it only costs $1.52 (price depends on different stores but it does not go above $2).

I usually wash my brushes once a week just to keep the bacteria out. When I wash them, I apply a dime size of product and swirl the brush in my hand to get all of the makeup out.

It does require over night drying but the end result is amazing! Did I mention that it also smells really nice!

I hope you guys enjoy this little tip! Let me know if you try this! 🙂


Redken Goodies!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I got a nice package in the mail from Dixie and her mom Debbie. If you remember an older post of mine, Debbie owns a salon in SC named Welcome Hair Ya’ll!

They were nice enough to send me some Redken goodies including the Ringlets cream that Dixie always uses! Her curls always look so nice and it’s because of the Ringlets cream!

Here is the picture of the stuff they sent me!

Redken Ringlet 07 6 oz

Amazing Hair from Start to Finish set with 4 Redken products including:

Color Extend Shampoo 1.7 oz

Color Extend Conditioner 1 oz

Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist 2 oz

Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray 2.1 oz

I was so excited about this gift that as soon as I received it, I washed my hair using the shampoo and conditioner! I also used the Ringlet cream and loved it! It was weird to see my curls so bouncy, voluminous and full of volume! My favorite part about the product is that water reactivates the product if needed!

Again, a BIG thank you to Dixie and Debbie! I love and miss you both so much!

Are any of you Redken fans? Let me know if you’d like full reviews of any of the products I mentioned!

Mesh Inset Dresses!

If you guys read my first ‘If I shopped at…’ blog featuring TopShop, then you saw a really cute mesh inset dress that really caught my eye! I’ve also noticed that they have been very trendy lately.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you all some mesh dresses that I saw at Forever 21 today for very reasonable prices.

Hope this helps if you all have been on the hunt for a mesh dress!

Plunging Mesh Inset Dress $24.80

Mesh Panel Sheath Dress $22.80

Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress $17.80

Mesh Yoke Bodycon Dress $11.50. Available in Black, Nude, Coral and Blue.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Happy Monday and have a great week! 🙂