Review: Garnier BB Cream

Very excited to share with you all my very first review!

A little bit ago I mentioned that I was looking forward to trying the new Garnier BB Cream. I have been able to try for a few weeks now and sadly I’m not too happy with it! I had a lot of high hopes for this product since it promised so much like correcting, smoothing, and even skin tone!

Let me first mention that my skin is combination. I have some dry areas but for the most part I do tend to have a really oily T zone. At first, I was very impressed by the way it felt on my skin. On my first try, I set it with my studio fix since I was scared that it wouldn’t hold up. Well, that never changed! Every time I tried to wear it without setting it, it made my face very oily. That was my first disappointment just because I was looking for something that I was able to throw on and not have to worry about.

Secondly, the consistency was very thick and it felt like a foundation, which isn’t a bad thing if you think about it, but I personally didn’t like it. It also just came off the skin! It started off great but didn’t last long.

Lastly, the product broke me out in the forehead are with small little zits that I don’t typically get. The cream was the only new item in my regular routine so I knew it had to be that. I have not used the cream in about 2 weeks and the zits have cleared out.

All in all, the product seems very promising but it need a little tweaking with the formula. I have also never tried any other BB creams so I have hopes that is one out there that really holds up to it’s name.

Hope you all enjoyed this review of the Garnier BB Cream.

Please comment below if you have tried this and what your thoughts are! If you have any other BB creams that you think I should try, please let me know!

Have a fabulous day!

This review is my true and honest opinion about this product.


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