Favorite Eye Liner!

Way back in the day I used the retractable liners for my upper lid until I discovered the MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and have never looked back since then! Before discovering gel liner, I thought that pencils were the way to go. I always thought they were convenient since you didn’t need an extra brush and everything was there in a small skinny pencil!

MAC Fluidline are sold where ever they is a MAC counter like at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. They retail for $14.50 and it is the best $14.50 I ever spend. I don’t usually buy high-end makeup just because I always try to find an inexpensive version.

I’m on my second pot of liner in about 2 and a half years (my current one is getting a little low). I have tried the ELF liner and have tried using liquid liners but nothing seems to give me the look and effect that the MAC Fluidline does.

Why I LOVE it:

Lasting Power (I can put this on one night and still have it the next day, intact)

Pigmentation (true black)

Smooth texture

Easy to apply

Product lasts a LONG time (I can usually have one pot last me more than one year *I don’t use it everyday though*)

MAC has a few more colors in fluidline but I’m a true black track girl!

I have a nice dent in mine since I use it so often!

As mentioned in my Night Out Makeup Look post, this is the brush I use to apply the gel liner. You can buy it at Target for only $2.49!

Hope you all enjoyed this post about my favorite eye liner! If you have a different favorite that you think I can try, please let me know!

Not beauty related but I found these adorable thank you cards at Target for only $1 in the entrance! They had a bunch of different designs! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Favorite Eye Liner!

  1. I used to use this! It’s good but now i use the sephora waterproof pencil eyeliner. I love it cus it’s JET BLACK…it DOESNT run…and it lasts me the entire day. When I want to do something more “cat eye”-looking then I use the pencil with a liquid eyeliner.

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