Crop Pants from H&M

Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday! Wanted to share with you all a pair of pants I found this weekend! Enjoy!

Love these cropped pants from H&M! I think they will be a great piece in my wardrobe for the summer. It’s a nice taupe color and very light weight. They have a high waist and very true to size. They are $14.95 and they have 2 more colors I believe, black and khaki. I though they were a steal so I had to purchase them! I’m sure they will come up in a future OOTD!

If you have an H&M close to you, check them out!

Here is a picture of me wearing the pants. They may not look very cropped on me but that’s because I’m kinda short, around 5’3.  They are also not very tight and really comfortable so they would be great for work.

Let me know if you already own these or buy them! I’d love to hear if you liked them as much as I did! 🙂

Please check out two friends of mine!

If you need a photographer in Miami, check out Christina on Facebook & Flickr!

Also, Check out Beautiful Faces by Rachel, great makeup artist in NYC!


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