Hunger Games!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! The highlight of my weekend was seeing the Hunger Games today with my roommate Lukas!

I have read the book so I was pretty impressed with the way they portrayed the characters and aspects of the story but I’m extra happy with all the fashion! When I was first hearing about the book I wasn’t really interested since I tend to gravitate to love stories *cough* twilight *cough*. Then I started reading it and found that the book had a little bit of everything which really got me hooked. The fashion aspect being my favorite part of course besides the love story.

Nonetheless, I was extremely excited to see the movie so I was pleasantly surprised today!

There was tons of crazy fashion and makeup to see but my absolute favorite was Effie Trinket’s character. She truly exuded in her outfits, hair and extraordinary makeup. I really appreciate how much time and effort the creators took to really bring this story to life since the book is so descriptive!

Photo Courtesy of E Online

Love the color choices!

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Banks

Also really enjoyed seeing the nails matching the theme of her entire look.

Another favorite look is this one at the very end of the movie! Both characters look great!

There’s one Effie look that she’s wearing a really electric blue eyeshadow but I can’t find a picture of it! If anyone knows what I’m talking about and find a picture, please share it with me!

Once again, I’m so excited that I got to finally see the Hunger Games! I really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing fashion come to life in the big screen. Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my favorite looks among many others from this movie!

What was your favorite look from the movie?

Have a great week and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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