Wet & Wild Mega Last Nailpolish

I’m a big fan of finding a good nail polish at a good price and I think I have finally found the perfect nail polish at only $2! As I mentioned in my first blog about recent bought items I got a new shade of the Wet & Wild Mega Last nail polishes in Through the Grapevine! Today I applied the color and absolutely LOVE it! It’s a perfect plum color for spring!

My favorite part of this nail polish is the brush! It’s curved at the sides so it makes the application extremely easy. I’m also extremely impressed with the quality, color and staying power. This is the second shade I own from this line, first one I got was Tropicalia and it lasted almost two weeks! For this plum shade I applied 2 coats which by the way I could’ve gone with just one because the color is amazing!

This is the shade with flash!

And without! This is the more accurate color, the flash definitely gives it a more purple tone!

I hope you guys enjoy reading about this nail polish! It’s definitely worth a try at only $2! There are a lot of other colors available in the line so if you go try any of them please let me know how you like them!


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